Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good to be BACK

Well in this wonderful economy right now jobs are not so plentiful and having been laid off for 8 months last year I did find a job that totally stressed me out.!Well no more work stress for me, I finally found a job that I will like and is stress free,and as a bonus I get to run again with Runners World AND play Tennis to.!! My girlfriend Karen plays tennis year around and works at M&M Tennis center at La fortune Park were I will taking my lessons on Monday. Last week Karen and I ran our first 5K together at the ST.Pa tricks Day run and we had a good run time of 37.54 not bad for someone who has only been running a few months. Karen and I are also training for our first Marathon together at OKC, Karen is running the Half and I'm running the full so our training is bit of a crash course Just want to say that it's great to see familiar faces , running friends and all of the new people that have joined the Runners World group. See ya on the trail and good luck to everyone.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Getting in more miles.

So this will be just me rambling on here about my latest runs. Let's see last November 16th I did this little jaunt called the Route 66 Marathon a 26.2 mile run you may have heard of, it was a cool day but sunny and I felt pretty good.Got going down the road abit still feeling pretty good, when some dumb ass decided HEY let's put in some hill's and that's when I started feeling not so good.Im watching Avril Lavigne on Palladia network and she can sing really well but kinda Corny concert. Anyway I get to the hills and start falling apart and wishing I could be doing something else but I kept going on walking up a hill and running down a hill, here a hill there a hill every a hill hill, geese!!. By the time I got to Utica I was done but I knew the end was near and it was do or die time so just keep pushing on, as Kidney Bean would say (its almost just up ahead) and so I did with a finishing time of 4:52 and some change, Yippee!. So now Im thinking I can't just sit on my ass and say look what I did, I gotta keep going and that's what Im doing running more miles and thinking how much better my next run will be. I also joined the Tature familly and have started running in the woods on turkey mountain or( broke back) as it has been called before but Im not into that BS, I luv the ladies. My friends and I are clearing trail west of Tulsa between Kellyville and Manford by lake Heyburn for some motorcycle trails and have about 5 miles cut in so far but I hope to get with the Tatures and have a trail run ther too in the 2009. So here's my 2009 running schedule so far, Monday night at 5:30 pm with Bobby Michaels and friends at John Zink lake , Tuesday night run with Runners World at 5:30 on 69th and riverside, Wednesday off unless I'm really bored. Thursday night with Runners World at 5:30 at Runners World on 41st and Peoria, Friday night if I feel good its back to John Zink Lake for another loop, Saturday freaking long run with Runner's World time and place subject to change pending on the season and Sunday is with Tatures on Turkey Mountain at 8am. So that's a bit of what's going on in my running world I wish you all a happy new year and good luck on all of your running. Peace out Team Bean.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Well after 2 years off my dirt bike, I went for a little ride at draper lake and man it felt really good. At first I thought about how scared I might be riding in the wooded trial's again after smacking a tree at camp Grubber 2 years before and completely destroying my right knee, hence the reason I haven't ridin in awhile but hey a little surgery and some therapy and I'm good to go. Putting on the riding gear was a great feeling because it still fit's, sweet uh well anyway I did have to buy a new pair of goggles but everything else was good. The drive to Draper Lake was like so many I had done before BORING and dull, all I could think about was how good this was going to be for me to finally get back on the bike and ride. Soon I'm unloading the bike and start gearing up, I give the bike a couple of kicks and she fire's right up and ready to rock the bark of the trees. Put the bike in first gear roll on the throttle and into the woods I go and about 3 miles into it I realize wow it's been awhile since I rode last, hands are cramping and I'm hanging on way to tight so relax dude or your gonna grab a handle full and smack another tree. I get in a quick 7 mile loop and come in for a rest , bike check and a drink. Lube the chain , put on my helmet and goggs and back into the trail, this time I'm going on the red loop for about 15 miles, hands feel much better bike is running really good and I'm getting some rhythm back . The trail is really good not to much dust and a bit of mud to go through but all in all its perfect really good for roosting the corners and popping wheelies.My ride ends well twenty some miles of trail and my hands are just starting to blister a little so its time to go home. After 2 years off my bike it felt soooooo good to be Back in the Saddle Again. Then there is this thing I did 2 weeks later called a marathon but that's another story.

Monday, September 1, 2008

14 miles

Well i'm not much of a blogger but i wanted to put in my 2 cents. Like most it started off really well for the first half, my team members ran off from me and i kinda laughed it off and was thinking (what a bunch of newbies) . So i ran with Bobby and Ed for a bit when out of know where this girl goes flying by me and i soon realize its my cousin Crystal, so i picked up my pace and ran with her for the first half and then as usual i lost her. Sooo in the second half of my run, Team Bean decided to kinda stick together (Jason/Erin) excluded and we ran a little slower pace to the end. That was my second half marathon and it was waaaaaaay worse than my first and i have no clue why, my knees were hurting and my calves were really tight and it took me a half hour longer too! Well its all Kathy's fault because she wasn't there!!