Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good to be BACK

Well in this wonderful economy right now jobs are not so plentiful and having been laid off for 8 months last year I did find a job that totally stressed me out.!Well no more work stress for me, I finally found a job that I will like and is stress free,and as a bonus I get to run again with Runners World AND play Tennis to.!! My girlfriend Karen plays tennis year around and works at M&M Tennis center at La fortune Park were I will taking my lessons on Monday. Last week Karen and I ran our first 5K together at the ST.Pa tricks Day run and we had a good run time of 37.54 not bad for someone who has only been running a few months. Karen and I are also training for our first Marathon together at OKC, Karen is running the Half and I'm running the full so our training is bit of a crash course Just want to say that it's great to see familiar faces , running friends and all of the new people that have joined the Runners World group. See ya on the trail and good luck to everyone.

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Bobby said...

Welcome back stranger. It's great to see you and Karen running together.